M.A.Khan Insurance Brokers Ltd is a family run business proudly celebrating 50 years of dedicated service from the time Mohamed Afzal Khan incorporated the company.

M.A.Khan Insurance Brokers Ltd strives its best to meet the insurance needs and expectations of its customers by its commitment to provide quality service.


Comprehensive advice on insurance risk management to clients in Kenya & The East African Region. We provide coverage which best fits your business needs and provide expert assistance in resolving and settling claims.

The objective is to enable our clients to concentrate on operational issues while reducing the overall cost of risk and administrative effort.


Well over five decades with a team of combined expertise of over 80 years M.A.Khan Insurance Brokers Ltd provides an adequate amount of business to satisfy major and upcoming insurers.

Board of Directors

  • Mohamed Afzal Khan - Founder & Chairman
  • Naushad Hussein Hakada - Principal Officer & Managing Director
  • Mohamed Rehan Khan - Executive Director & Board Member of Association of Insurance Brokers of Kenya (AIBK)

Management Staff

  • Essak Saleh - General Manager– Underwriting & Claims
  • Shumaila Khan - Finance & HR Manager

Support Staff

  • 12 member support staff team


Our Head Office is located in Nairobi's Central Business District (CBD), and a drop off point in 4th Parklands, Nairobi.